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John Carter of Mars

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Click on it, looks better bigger.

NY Times job

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Just did this for the Times. The article was about how sharply tuition rates are rising at the top and second-tier schools. Fast turnaround but a fun job. I had about five hours to produce the sketches, which was sandwiched between two other jobs. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

Below is the final (which I had 4 days to finish) followed by sketches. I usually do three sketches, but the early unedited version of the article didn’t make it clear whether the focus would be on the rapid rise of tuition rates or how second-tier colleges have to raise their tuition to be in line with top-tier colleges. Otherwise they would appear to be of lesser quality. So I did sketches for both ideas. I like the sketch the AD (James Best) chose.


Something about the twisting column feels quirky. I was happy with this idea.


I like this one, too. Quick read, to the point.

I like this image, but the concept feels a little fuzzy. Balloon makes me think more about freedom than inflation. Dollar sign looks stuck on to sharpen the concept; like a band-aid. Leaves me thinking that maybe a college degree brings financial freedom.

This sketch was about the second-tier schools tuition needing to keep pace with top-tier schools. Wait, didn’t Brad Holland do this already? Well that’s probably why it looked so good!

This is same as above, but I realized that having school buildings was better than graduates, since it’s about institutions rather than their graduates. Also made it look a little less like Brad Holland’s work. The little college pendant flag was added to the building so it wouldn’t look like a greek temple. More fun that way, too:

So that’s why I like the sketch the AD chose.