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Talented Young Artist

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This is a drawing of my older son that I made on our recent trip. I like to take along bristol paper index cards to draw on. In Europe every paper store carries them, they are roughly 4×6″ or 5×7″, are archival and cost very little.

He’s much more handsome than this drawing would suggest; his features look a little coarse here. What I like is that this pen drawing captures his mood as he drew (he was looking at another drawing on the table at that moment). It also captures his arms and hands which, like the rest of him, are becoming more muscular, he isn’t a little boy any longer.

He’s a very talented and creative artist and I am very proud of him.

Back to Life and Work

Friday, September 11th, 2009

I took a couple of weeks off and went to France and England. In my free time I played with this idea.

It’s an eight page comic about the need to telI stories. I spent time mostly sliding the art and words around, trying to make something that has that comic word-and-picture relationship and panel-to-panel feel, but with more free flow than a typical grid structure.

Here are a couple of in-progress spreads:

The first spread was early on and is more gridded, the next two are where things are headed now.

I like how the following spreads (esp. the second) push the text onto a more equal footing with the art, making for limitless graphic possibilities. Lettering can be strong stuff.

The art is pretty far along, but the lettering is still rough.